Cloud Data Security Services

Cloud Computing, "Big Data", is the wave of the future when it comes to data storage.  Unfortunately, you hear reports of cloud data security breaches with hackers attacking Big Data almost daily.  This is why companies of all sizes are coming to LionCageDefender for our cloud data security services.  Our custom built penetration testing tools check for vulnerabilities and help to ensure that your data is secure.

The LionCageDefender cloud data security services scan and attempt to penetrate cloud environments by simulating real time attacks such as SSH, Telnet, arbitrary file upload, Sql injection, and simulating numerous other attack methods.  Once our automated penetration scanning tools find a way to access your databases or files, we generate a report that guides you on how to repair and fix these security vulnerabilities.  With the migration from localized data storage to cloud storage, now is the perfect time to use the LionCageDefender cloud security services and help detect breeches in your security before a hacker does!

Cloud Hacking

Cloud hacking and data theft is something you hear or read about almost daily on the news or major tech blogs. Hackers are actively seeking their next victim and are going after companies of all sizes including eCommerce stores, accounting firms, and informational blogs.  Hackers are ruthless in their efforts to steal, corrupt, and deface data.  They do not discriminate and their victims are everyone from bloggers to ‘Mom & Pop’ shops, to the Fortune 500.

With the emergence of cloud storage and Big Data hitting the modern cyber age, and new methods of cloud hacking coming out everyday, cloud data security services are an unfortunate necessity!  Cloud security services are something that are often overlooked, hence putting a great many companies and websites at risk.

Big Data and Cloud Virtual environments such as VMware, Citrix, HyperV have created a figurative ‘wild west’ and ‘gold rush’ for hackers.  This is why it is so vital that you utilize the services of a company like LionCageDefender that offers cloud data security services to provide you with a first line of defense against cloud hacking!  There is nothing worse than having all of your financial reports, payroll, customer data or other proprietary information being ripped off of your "secure" network.

Try our cloud security services free for 7 days!  If you like it, and we are confident that you will, we can bill you monthly, or, you can sign up for a year and save.

Preventing Cloud Security Breaches

Security breaches are not merely embarrassing for the person who has been hacked, but they can have serious business and legal ramifications due to compliance issues.  Following a cloud security breach, you have to worry about who has your data, what they stole from you, and how it will be used.  Imagine if all of your customers’ credit cards and personal information or even your client or email lists were stolen.  Now think about how hard it is going to be to tell investors, customers, and people who trusted you, that you let this happen!  If you are not using LionCageDefender cloud data security services to protect you from hackers and security breaches, you may be setting yourself up for a nightmare!

With medical records, credit card information, and marketing strategies, not to mention proprietary business plans sitting out in the open, companies of all types must pay attention to the very real risk of cloud hacking!  Every business must ensure they are using cloud security services and penetration testing tools as a first line of defense against breaches in cloud security.  Hipaa, Sox, Safe Harbor and other compliance and regulatory boards require that when you store digital records, medical records and/or financial information, that you use cloud security services to ensure patient and client confidentiality.

That is why we created our custom built systems that find and then help to teach you how to prevent hackers from breaching your cyber environments. LionCageDefender's goal is to make sure you are made aware of these issues through the use of our cloud security services, and that you learn to rectify vulnerabilities that may allow a breach of your virtual environments

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Cloud Penetration Testing Services

With LionCageDefender, you have an affordable way to run cloud penetration testing services that will help to examine all aspects of security and help to ensure you know how to secure your data from numerous types of attack.  We offer monthly packages for cloud penetration testing services, and offer a discounted rated for customers who purchase our service for a full year.  These annual rates are hard to beat for the great quality you get with our custom built system.  Our award winning cloud penetration testing services will help you to feel confident that your Big Data is safe, and our seal can help to build consumer confidence when they see it on your website.

It’s never too early to begin protecting your company and your customers. Preventing an issue before it happens is better than waiting for it to happen, and then having to clean up and recuperate from a huge mess.  Losing valuable information like customer data, financial documents, and proprietary information can devastate a company.

Click here to view our pricing plans for cloud data security services, including our cloud penetration testing services, and begin learning what is open to hackers and learning how you can begin protecting your Big Data within minutes!  IT Consultants, Resellers and Affiliates make sure to check our special offers for promoting our service! LionCageDefender offers residual income for essential cloud security services that your clients probably require.