Computer Security Protection

Computer security protection and external preventive protection measures are no longer just buzzwords. Unauthorized Computer infiltration, AKA "Hacking" is an unfortunate daily reality. Defense security methods such as are required solutions. If your company holds secure data such as accounting information, medical records or anything else you need to keep private; you may be required by law to have a computer penetration testing service such as LionCageDefender to help ensure you are meeting data and security privacy regulations such as HIPAA, HiTech, and SOX compliance.

With employees working remotely and connecting to your network from their home via wireless connections, cafe's and other non secure environments; and those same computers being used by kids searching the internet for latest tabloid news, your computer security protection may not be good enough and your employees or family members may be placing your company, private information and your network at risk. Computer security protection will not just help to protect your company, but our computer penetration and infiltration testing services will help to protect your employees computers, information and in turn protect you as well! Utilizing our computer security protection services will to help ensure that you can patch many of your vulnerabilities before a hacker finds a way to breach the vulnerable hole! goes the extra mile by offering additional services at no cost included in the plan such as IPGEO tracking, application and website logging, Windows & Anti virus update status and more! Sign up now for the free trial of our computer security protection services and discover what Hackers may be able to access that can put you, your company and your most important assets at risk.

If you own a computer, laptop or pc and store personal information (also known as data) and would like to know what Hackers can access, LionCageDefender is the perfect solution for you. Not only are our affordable computer security services easy to use and understand, but our computer protection services will show you how Hackers access data, what holes exist within what is supposed to be your secure environment and then we will will send easy-to-read reports teaching you how to fix many of these issues and secure your family's information on your computers.

Don't risk your private information being blasted all over the internet, sign up today for our 7 day money back guarantee of computer security protection and preemptive infiltration testing services by clicking on the button below. You may be surprised, and terrified to see with what is accessible to Hackers through our computer penetration testing services! Start securing your documents, personal photos, medical records and fiances today!

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Protect your computer from Hackers

Computer Hackers don't have to actually be in contact with an employee or family member to gain access to financial records, customer data or personal information such as the credit cards and photos which are stored within your computers, laptops and pcs. Whether you are a person worried about how to protect your computer from Hackers, protecting your family's online life, or a company needing to protect your computers from Hackers accessing your proprietary data; LionCageDefender's computer security protection and computer penetration testing and infiltration testing services will help to expose all of the information leaks from your PCs, Macs, Laptops and entire network. By using our automated computer penetration testing services on your PCs, Macs and laptops, we'll continuously hit your computers the same way Hackers do. This will help to expose all vulnerabilities that we can find and let you know what risks are open and how you can repair them. Our system uses all known types of hacking and intrusion techniques. It is always being updated with new attacks and our team is always developing new methods to discover vulnerabilities before Hackers can. That is why we feel confident that our customers which we hope will be you, have the best advice on how to protect your computers from Hackers when you use LionCageDefender. Once our computer penetration testing services finds the holes in your security and sends you a detailed and easy-to-read report in plain English. Our report will teach you how to fix all of these vulnerabilities as well as list out the actual level of risk for each computer security hole. The instructions are given in plain, easy-to-understand English with instructions on how to patch most of the issues we find. This way everyone that uses can understand what is wrong and how to protect your computers from Hackers. It has never been easier to protect your data without having to hire expensive IT people. Whether you are a business or a consumer, sign up for our computer penetration testing services today and take advantage of our 7 day free trial. If at any time during the trial you do not like our computer security protection services, you are welcome to cancel. There is no risk to you for trying LionCageDefender, but there is a ton of risk by not trying us! Secure Me Now!

Why use computer penetration testing services?

Computer penetration testing services are vital for everyone who owns a computer and for every business that relies on them. Computer penetration testing is the best way to find where holes lie within your computer and network security. This protective measure acts like a Hacker and shows how they can get into your system. By using automated and affordable computer penetration testing services like LionCageDefender, we will break through and discover as many of these leaks as possible and you can rest easy knowing you are helping to learn how to protect your computer from Hackers. Once we finish with our quick and automated scan, you'll receive the report from above listing what we found.

Our computer penetration and infiltration testing services report is in plain English. We wrote it simple so that everyone can understand them. They include simple to read graphs that show exactly what we found, what the risk level is to your system and then we provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fix the majority of breaches so that you can protect your PCs, Laptops and even Macs from being hacked. Reliable computer penetration testing services have never been easier, more affordable or accessible now that there is

When you subscribe to our services you can run as many scans as you'd like and get reports daily by email to see if any new leaks have sprung up. You no longer need to train a tech team or hire expensive IT people by the hour for computer security services. Paying to have someone run these tests on an hourly basis is a thing of the past. Our database is always updated with the newest and most advanced hacking methods to make sure you always have some of the best protection available.

It has never been easier to have computer security protection and reliable computer penetration testing services. What's even better is that it is now affordable for every one to have the same protection that large companies have had for years. Try us free for 7 days and see what Hackers may have access to. You can cancel at any time so there is no risk to you, however if you aren't using computer data security services like LionCageDefender and don't give us a try, there could be a risk to your computer security and network.

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