Device Utilization Reporter

Virtually every hi-tech device today now has smart capabilities, whether you are protecting a server, desktop, Smart TV, oven or fridge the ability to connect the internet is there. Defender offers multiple solutions that detect vulnerabilities in hardware and software packages however many applications operate with your permission and have full access to your USB Jacks, Cameras, Microphones etc. These apps or programs are not vulnerabilities within themselves as they are operating with permission granted to them, however they may be malicious and or granted with unintentional permissions that one may not want to grant, or even realize that they are being granted.

We built our “Device Utilization Reporter” as a notification tool to alert users of when and how their devices are being accessed.

LionCage Device Utilization Reporter will notify you:

  • Detailed list of the time(s) camera(s) were accessed
  • Detailed list of which program(s) accessed the camera(s)
  • Detailed list of time(s) Microphone(s) were accessed
  • Detailed list of which program(s) accessed the microphone(s)
  • Detailed report of USB drives plugged in and out during specified time period inclusive of storage amounts on USB before and after being plugged in.

Protect your privacy, know who is listening and watching you! Ensure private conversations and situations remain such.