FAQ Why do I need LionCageDefender? Credit Card Theft, ID Theft, Computer hacking is on the rise, billions of dollars and millions of people have been the victims of hi-tech fraud. We are all connected online, we all install programs and apps that expose us to the internet. Many of these applications expose our IP and open "doors" technically known as ports to the web, hackers look for these open ports and then exploit the vulnerabilities and steal your data. If I have AntiVirus do I still need LionCageDefender.com? YES! Antivirus is a REQUIRED solution as well! A good antivirus will protect your computer from downloading harmful files and emails and will scan your computer to ensure nothing "Creeped" in.. LionCageDefender.com scans from the outside, from the web, finds the vulnerabilities and reports them to you. Think of LionCageDefender.com as your friendly hacker. If I have a firewall, do I still need LionCageDefender.com? Yes! A Firewall is an essential piece of hardware/software!! Unfurtantly many malware/spyware as well as legitimate applications and drivers open up ports and connections to the internet, these ports that are open, while often well intentioned open up your pc to the internet and the world of hackers. If LionCageDefender.com does in fact find vulnerability, what do you do with the information you retrieved? We do nothing with it, your vulnerability reports are sent to the email address(s) specified. Your report is confidential. If the system does email you an issue you can look at our site for common solutions, alternatively you can call your IT person or a security expert at LionCageDefender.com What do you mean when you say "Think outside the box"? Unlike traditional antivirus we are not looking at your computer from within. we are scanning your computer from the outside, from the internet. LionCageDefender is What Is Mobile Security? Mobile Security is essential for Smartphones. Everyday across the globe millions of applications are installed from application developers from virtually every single corner of the earth, while the majority of apps developed are safe to use many of them are not written well and may cause your phone to be open the world. Mobile Security is essential for EVERY single smartphone owner. Our SmartSecure LionCageDefender application is available on most online markets, alternatively it may be downloaded here. How often does LionCageDefender run? LionCageDefender run on the defined schedule you set and can run as often as often as 1 time a day. Generally we advise that the server and web app should be run one time a week during off hours/slow usage periods, these scans are intensive to ensure we cross our T and dot our I's! The mobile and home apps can be run daily. Can I run LionCageDefender on multiple devices under a single account? Yes! We offer significant discounts for multiple devices/machines. Do I need to install any software on my devices? Yes! We need to install a little application on each device you want scanned so that we can find it from the web. What other Services do you provide? In addition the web scanning and reporting our tools have additional features built in for example the server/web applications allow you to check for windows updates or remotely reboot or shutdown a server in the event the software reports a major security flaw, the mobile application will allow you to shutdown, track, message or wipe your phone remotely! Our New Premium version has a built in task killer. Can I resell LionCageDefender.com? YES! Please check out our reseller section. LionCageDefender is a required SAAS. You will earn residual income providing a service your clients require. Please check out our reseller program above for more details Do you have an Affiliate Program? Yes! We pay high commissions for affiliate referrals! Signup today or call us for more info Where can I download Microsoft Azure security penetration testing form In order to do a security audit against Microsoft Azure you need to download, fill out and submit the Microsoft Azure Penetration Test Questioner form to Microsoft and get their permission.