Securing Internet Connected Devices Inside Your Home

Your PERSONAL Pictures and Videos are at RISK! Your CHILDREN are at RISK!!

Did you know that all your devices such as computers, laptops and mobile devices are potentially accessible and exploitable by strangers over the internet? Your data is at risk from hackers across the globe as well as a pedophile sitting anywhere from across the table to across the world. If your personal photos or videos would end up on the internet would you be mortified? If a video of your child changing his or her clothes would end up online would they feel violated? If your house was broken into because your home camera system was being watched remotely would you feel a violation of privacy?

Cybercriminals are exploiting your data for their gain. Computer security is no longer an option it's a necessity. offers FREE external penetration testing for home users as well as additional add-on's including unlimited backup to help ensure your data is secure and available when you need it.

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Free Penetration Testing

The internet has made the world a very small and dangerous place and ANY device connected to the internet is a potential vulnerable point for a hacker or molester to wreak havoc in your life. The days of an old fashioned anti-virus being the sole security solution for your computer are long gone. Hackers and perverts across the world have advanced with time to utilize modern technology to take advantage of unsuspecting adults and children. An innocent game, an innocent link in a chat, or a click on a popup can open your computer to the outside world; more than opening you may even be inviting a child molester or thief into your computer. is happy to provide a Low Cost Penetration Testing solution for home users. Pen Testing, which is essentially external security testing is a required solution for internet connected devices. Penetration testing, which in simple English is defined as the ability to audit security on internet connected devices and testing for the ability to hack into your computer over the internet and see your confidential data such as your private documents, pictures and movies is an essential service for every internet connected device. Penetration testing is used by virtually every major company; until now penetration testing has been extremely expensive and not affordable to neither home users nor the small business market.'s goal is to bring affordable penetration testing and computer security solutions to small and medium businesses as well as low cost penetration testing solutions to home users. We offer 2 solutions to the residential market – our classic low cost penetration testing scan which includes a monthly security scan as well as our Desktop/Laptop Scanner package which includes a daily scan as well as UNLIMITED FILE BACKUP for a single machine. We have worked out a special price with our partner site to package together the unlimited backup and daily penetration scanning including exposed DVR Camera scan (test for security camera system to see if your private cameras are not secured properly and accessible to people on the internet) as well as a basic VoIP scan (Testing the external security of your phones, hackers across the globe are seeking weak VoIP credentials and then use your phone line for illegal call and or to route long distance calls over, potentially leaving you with the bill!!)

Our vulnerability assessment tools inclusive of online backup are less expensive than most online backup providers are offering just online backup for! Signup today and begin scanning your internet devices to secure them from the outside world. Don't risk your private pictures, personal videos or confidential data, register today and help ensure that your data remains exclusively yours!!!

Home User Free
Home User Plus
Plan Free $4.89 a month
Scan Frequency Monthly Scan Daily Scan
Camera/DVR Scan No YES
Voip Scan No YES
Unlimited File Backup No YES
Free Technical Support No YES
NetSecID Certification No YES

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* Unlimited Online Backup has a 99 cent activation