Network Intrusion Detection Services

Network intrusion detection services are a necessity for businesses within the medical, financial or other classified industries. In order to ensure compliance and keep certifications, you have to have every safeguard possible to protect your and your client's data. That's why network intrusion services from reliable providers are important. LionCageDefender's leading and affordable network intrusion detection services scan for all openings within your network and then report where unauthorized people can access your data. Once our scan is complete, we give you a detailed report with the opened security risks, what can be stolen from your network and we guide you with instructions on how to fix the holes. Our automated network intrusion detection tools help protect your network and will alert you of any and all risks in your security. This is the first step and most important in helping to keep the Hackers and unauthorized people out of your network. Try our network intrusion detection services free for 7 days! Secure Me Now!

What are network intrusion detection services?

Are you wondering what network intrusion detection services are? The term sounds scary and complicated, however in plain English they are systems that can help you to find security breeches within your networks, alert you to them, find solutions and then show you how to fix them. Some network intrusion detection services may alert you once someone has breached your security and others alert you when they find an issue. Every company is different but all of us have the same goal, to keep your data secure!

With more and more personal and private data like health records being kept on unsecure networks, it is extremely important to take all security measures. If your company needs to be Hippa compliant, you probably want to show that you have done everything possible to protect and defend your data. That is why using a penetration testing service and having an alert from a network intrusion detection service are vital for any company or business that stores secure or classified data.

With constant changes to the Hippa reform and laws regarding the security of medical information and patient data, your company needs to find the best network intrusion detection systems available that meet your organizations size and goals. That is why is happy to be your partner for this important aspect of your data's security.

LionCageDefender tests every aspect of your security for how intruders break their way in and teach you to block them. We'll look for any and all data that they can pull, without storing, reading or recording any of it, and then we'll generate a report for you with what we have found. The report will show you all of the risks in plain English as well as the threat level to your data. You'll receive detailed explanations of everything by email and also step-by-step instructions on how to patch and repair the security risks. This is the first step with network intrusion detection services in helping to make sure you can protect your data. Our systems and tools are automated making them a lot less expensive than hiring a team of people. Because they are automated, you can also run scans to get reports as often as you'd like making it more reliable than only having a hired IT professional check once a month. You and your employees are always adding new programs, software and storing more data. Wouldn't it be nice to run nightly scans to make sure it is safe? That is one of the reasons our customers love and think we have the best network intrusion detection services available. If you install our apps onto your devices, we can send you alerts letting you know if something is wrong and how you can fix it. There are no other systems out there that can help to provide you with the security and network intrusion detection service the way that we can because of our proprietary tools and systems. Try our network intrusion protection services free for 7 days and see for yourself. If you need to keep your Hippa compliance, this is one more layer of security you can add to help show why you should keep your certification.

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