Partner with offers numerous ways to partner with us.  We know that when you succeed, we succeed, so we are proud to offer amazing support no matter which way you partner with us.  You can either become an Affiliate or you can join one of our two reseller programs listed below.  If you have a website and also want to be a reseller, you are more than welcome to join both!

We have a clean Affiliate Program that lets you earn commissions by adding links to your blogs, websites, emails and social media accounts, and then referring sales to us. This way you don't have to face customers or deal with questions. Our reseller programs are great for IT Consultants and Firms, or individuals with clients that want to sell and white label our services. We have two separate options for resellers listed below.

We encourage you to read about our different partnership opportunities and you are welcome to join both.

lioncage partner

Here are a few of the benefits of each:

The LionCageDefender Affiliate Program

Your website traffic runs around the clock.  By having a banner or page with our services, and a link and some information about the benefits, you can earn commissions; - even when you aren't in front of the person!

If you have friends or peers with smart phones, computers or websites; even small business owners with servers or clouds, you can send them your links and earn money from each sale.

The commissions are recurring for life, so the more people buy, the more you earn for the entire time they remain a customer.  The residual income can make a nice second income stream, and if you sell enough, you can use it as a main channel for your own revenue.

Become a Penetration Testing Service Reseller

If you have clients that need to secure their electronic devices, websites, clouds and servers, you can sell a white labelled version of our services and earn a percentage of the sale.

You’ll have another service that is unique, dependable and affordable that your competitors may not have, or even thought of offering yet.

You’ll get support and we can even help train you on how to pitch your customers on why they should use our services through you. This way you can increase your income without having to do more work.

No matter how you choose to partner with LionCageDefender, we’re here to support you and help you make money. Click hereto find out more about becoming an Affiliate or click here to become a reseller of our services. You can also contact us on this page if you have any other questions and we’ll be happy to help get you started.