Press is the one source for security vulnerability testing & offline notification services for schools, small businesses, medical practices as well as residential accounts. was founded with the concept that small businesses and homes are as much if not moresusceptible to hacking due to limited security budgets and the attitude that hackers only go after the big guys.Utilizing our 18+ years providing computer services, webelieve it is a lot easier for a hacker to penetrate and/or discover vulnerabilities when attacking a network or device protected by a 50 dollar router or ainexpensive software firewall than when attacking a corporate 50 thousand dollar security solution. Many hacks and vulnerabilities we have discovered while running our penetration testing tools have often been sitting exposed for monthsor yearswith vulnerableaccess points that a hacker can or may have gotten access to. Learn more about our affordable security solutions today and about how protects the SMB marketplace and private computers by visiting the following pages

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We are ecstatic about educating the public on the importance of securing internet connected devices. It is scary how many people place confidential data on unsecure servers, clouds, websites and even mobile devices often breaking privacy laws such as Hipaa &Hitech, Our goal is to educate the marketplace and make the internet a safer more secure environment.

At we love our work so much so that our team gets up in the morning excited to get to work and add new features and update our system to ensure we are offering the best vulnerability detection and offline notification services available (some of us even wake up in middle of the night dreaming about our solutions!). If you would like to request an interview with a member of our management or technical teams, please fill out the form below and we will get back to your promptly.