Product & Feature Comparison Chart provides easy to use automated penetration testing and uptime monitoring tools for Clouds, Business & Personal Computers, Mobile devices, DVR's, VoIP systems and of course Websites. Our easy to use scanners assist you in ensuring your computer environment remains secure and assists you in keeping your confidential data compliant as well as notifies you if your internet connected devices go offline.

The charts below are broken into 2 categories:

  1. Product vulnerability scanner comparison
  2. Product feature comparison

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Vulnerability Scanner Comparison

Cloud Server Website Mobile Home Voip/Camera System Mobile Wiki Link
SQL injection Wiki
BlindSQL injection Wiki
Eval Wiki
Arbitrary File Upload Wiki
Remote File Inclusion Wiki
Local File Include Wiki
osCommanding Wiki
Credit Card Storage Wiki
Htaccess methods Wiki
xSS Wiki
Shared Hosting Wiki
Dav Wiki
SSI Wiki
XST Wiki
Ldap Injection Wiki
Buffer overflow Wiki
Format String Wiki
Generic Wiki
Global Redirect Wiki
MxInjection Wiki
Response Splitting Wiki
SSLCertificate Wiki
UnSSL Wiki
Xpath Wiki
Xsrf Wiki
Bruteforce Wiki
SMB Wiki
Smtp Wiki
Smtp Enum Wiki
Snmp Wiki
Socks5 Wiki
CVS Wiki
Firebird Wiki
HTTP-Form-Get Wiki
HTTP-Form-Post Wiki
HTTP-Get Wiki
HTTP-Head Wiki
HTTP-Proxy Wiki
HTTPS-Form-Get Wiki
HTTPS-Form-Post Wiki
HTTPS-Get Wiki
HTTPS-Head Wiki
NCP Wiki
FTP Wiki
Oracle Listener Wiki
Oracle SID Wiki
Oracle Wiki
PC-Anywhere Wiki
POP3 Wiki
PostGres Wiki
ICQ Wiki
IRC Wiki
RDP Wiki
Rexec Wiki
Rlogin Wiki
Rsh Wiki
SAP/R3 Wiki
SIP Wiki
SSH Wiki
Subversion Wiki
TeamSpeak Wiki
Telnet Wiki
Vmware-Auth Wiki
VNC Wiki
xMPP Wiki
AFP Wiki
Cisco AAA Wiki
Cisco Auth Wiki
Cisco Enable Wiki
IP Geo Locator Wiki

Vulnerability Feature Comparison

Feature Cloud Server Website Mobile Home Basic VOIP/DVR Desktop/Laptop software application ** ** **
Customizable penetration test
Solution to discovered vulnerability
Detects server applications (Exchange/SQL/MYSQL etc.)
Port Scan
Compliance Assistant
Daily Scheduler
Weekly Scheduler
Customizable scheduler
Configure Multiple Schedules
On Demand Scan
Offline Notification
Application logging
IP GeoTag device
Internet facing malware detection
SSL Certificate Check
Unlimited Online Backup* for residential use ** **
Windows Updates alerts & status reporting
Device Driver Update Notifcation
Anti Virus alerts & status reporting ** **
Device maintenance alerts & reporting (Hard drive/Ram/Cpu/NIC) ** **
Windows service stop alert **
Schedule Downtime (stop alerts) **
Application use logging
Web use logging
Change password remotely
Notification API (embed in applications and web servers) ** ** ** ** **
Customizable plans & features
SMS Emergency Notification **
Detailed logging & report history configuration for SLA agreements Compliance
Configurable Report

Penetration and Vulnerability management is the key to any preemptive security strategy, and eliminating downtime is the key to reliability vulnerability testing products are considered to be black box penetration tools. Black box pen testing are designed to assess the security of a network, website, server or any internet connected device (including VoiP and Surveillance systems) by applying the same type of methodology and types of attacks that a hacker would use. LionCageDefender works without inside information and works by initially scanning ports and then attempting to penetrate the digital environment using the methods in the chart above. Different environments need different testing methods hence we have custom designed different packages for different environments.

Hacking and network intrusion is growing at an alarming pace, to counter these threats, has developed a number of automated penetration testing tools that are designed to assess vulnerabilities before a hacker finds them. As a value added service we include Server Monitoring, Web Site Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring of virtually any internet connected device. Utilizing our easy to use software or API we can monitor applications, servers, clouds and virtually any other device that goes online that allows application installation or custom scripting and notify you if the device goes offline. Included with our professional grade solutions is the ability to be SMS'd if your device goes offline.

Save money today on server monitoring subscriptions by subscribing to where monitoring is included with all paid vulnerability scan subscriptions. If you have any questions on need any assistance on selecting the appropriate product please feel free to Contact Us.

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