Security Penetration Services

The world has gone to from landlines to smart phones, from standard electrical switches to smart homes and from hard drives and servers to ‘Clouds’ storing “Big Data”. Because of this, the need for dependable and affordable security penetration services is growing at an incredible rate. Almost every day we read about breaches in security, which is why there is a need for reliable security penetration services at affordable prices.

LionCageDefender is here to provide you with our custom built tools that help teach you to secure everything from smart phones, computers and websites, to clouds, smart homes, VoIP systems and entire server networks.  With affordable plans and award winning, state-of-the-art technology, we are here to protect your systems and offer you comforting piece-of-mind knowing that your devices, servers and clouds are secure. Give us a try for FREE right now!

Low Cost Penetration Testing

If you watch the news, listen to the radio, or read the newspapers, you have more than likely heard about computer hacking.  A common mistake home users think is that hackers only go after the big guys.  This is a huge mistake! Hackers love personal pictures and videos that they can hack off of your computer, and they LOVE financial data!  The corporate world spends millions on security while the average home and small business user secures his internet connected devices with a $60.00 router and a free anti-virus solution.  This ease of access makes your data an easier target than that of the “big guys” and hence more enticing. is proud to offer our penetration testing solution to home users. LionCage Home edition is suitable for home users to help ensure personal computers, smart homes, and VoIP system are configured correctly and secure.

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IT Security Penetration Services

Companies of all sizes need to worry about their employees’ phones, computers, their own websites and more importantly their servers and clouds. Sometimes your Tech department is too busy to be able to perform the needed IT security penetration services to protect your data. Other times they don’t have the right training or just don't know how to do it.  If you’re a small business, you may not even have a tech team to help protect your data, so you have no idea what could possibly happen.  That is why we have developed our system to be an affordable and effective solution for companies of all sizes.

You can use our IT security penetration services on a monthly basis, or save by subscribing for an entire year.   No matter how you use our products, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing you’ve taken control of your data’s security and have begun to help protect your information from hackers.  If you aren't running our tools for this type of security, chances are you don’t have this type of security at all.  You don't want to have all of the information from your company exposed to the world, which is why it's so important to start today. It's easier to defend your information in advance of an issue than it is to recover it and remove it from the web.  No one wants to have to send an email to their employees and customers saying their information has been stolen by Hackers!  Sign up for our free 7 day trial and see what information you are exposing to Hackers without even knowing it.

So what exactly do you get with us and why should you use us?

Best Security Penetration Services

We are well known for providing the best security penetration services.  Instead of just giving you a guide or a course to look over, our system goes out and uses numerous methods to continuously hit your devices.  As we hit them with everything from Global Redirects and Form Requests to Blind SqL and Brutal Force, we gather the weaknesses and generate a report in plain English showing you where security holes exist.  Once we have collected the ‘holes’, you receive a simple guide with clear instructions on how to repair these leaks and protect your data from being hacked. Our database of hacking methods is always being updated and new ways to attack your system are continuously being added.  We don’t wait for hackers to find a new method to access your systems; we create new ways to defend you before they can start.  Our developers continuously monitor the tech blogs and news stations for news on attacks and how they are being done.  Once our team knows how these attacks occurred, they find ways to generate the same system or method and build it into our systems to protect you from them.  By operating this way, we have one of the most complete and comprehensive tools available.  This is only one of the things that helps to make us one of the best security penetration services out there. Check out our monthly and yearly packages to find out which one is right for you and your budget. REMEMBER:  It’s better to plan ahead and prevent attacks from hackers than to wait for them to steal your data.  Subscribe to LionCageDefender’s best security penetration services today, or use our 7 day free trial and begin securing your information to defend your data from hackers.