What is Sox Compliance & How to Become Sox Compliant

One of the many intricate factors in the SOX laws is that data remain both "available" and also remain "secure". This is where a giant hole exists within Sox Compliance. How do you keep something readily available, but also have enough security in place to meet all government standards? How can you test this and help to show you are taking an active stance at protecting this data? Lastly, what can you do to prove you are taking an active measure, what results have you documented and what further steps do you take when a hole or breech is found within your data's security? That is where LionCageDefender.com comes in.

SOX Compliance is a regulatory responsibility and no longer just a best practice for public organizations. Is has now become a regulation for all public accounting practices, so what does this mean for your organization?

Sox compliancy regulations safeguard internal controls and procedures for financial reporting, as well as help to ensure the integrity, confidentiality & privacy of individuals and corporations. This also includes the availability of information stored within their devices. That is where Sox steps in.

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What is Sox Compliancy

Sarbanes-Oxley (Sox) is a legally mandated corporate governance standard for all U.S. public companies and public accounting firms. Sox compliancy is a United States law that came into being after Enron and other scandals came to light in the mid 2000's. When other countries began to see the success of Sox regulations, they even began to institute similar policies. A couple of examples are J-SOX in Japan and Bill 198 in Canada.

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How to become Sox Compliant

Online Services of NY Inc. via its OnlineBackupVault.com & LionCageDefender.com products help companies and individuals meet Sox Compliancy standards and other compliance regulations. LionCageDefender.com scans Servers, PC, Websites and Cloud environments from the outside, as hacker would, and then attempts to penetrate the vulnerabilities found. Afterwards we follow the attack up with an attempt to exploit the data that the attack has accessed. On a side note, Ethical standards and to remain Hipaa/Sox compliant, LionCageDefender.com will never store or retain any information it may access when seeking vulnerabilities in your digital environment, but will rather email the authorized user a detailed easy to read report with what we found, how we found it and how to resolve most common issues.

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What are scanning compliance standards and regulations

PCI DSS Yes Yes Yes
ISO 27001 Yes Not Specified Not Specified
SOX/GLBA/FISMA Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
Monetary Authority of Singapore Not Specified Not Specified Yes
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Yes Not Specified Not Specified
Safe Harbor Compliancy Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified
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