How Automated Penetration Testing Works

If you are wondering how automated penetration testing works, it's simple. There are four main stages that our proprietary technology goes through. It does this automatically to find any gaps or holes in your security and will then report back what it finds. Here are the 4 stages about how automated penetration testing works.

The 4 Stages of LionCageDefender's (LCD) Penetration Testing:


This stage scans the public facing IP address(s) and seeks open active hosts, IP addresses, exposed network ports and outgoing non secure traffic. If you have devices that are running on a dynamic IP address (mobile devices, many DSL & Cable connections), you will need to install our agent software so our servers can find your internet facing devices.


At this point STD will attempt SQL Injection, Code Injection, Code Execution, Directory Traversal, and Cross Site Scripting amongst many other tests against the device(s) being scanned and attempt to expose any potential anomaly. You can view the full list of what is being scanned by clicking here to see our vulnerability product comparison chart. LionCageDefender is rather unique in that we scan Servers, Websites, Clouds, Desktops and mobile devices. It also entails performing extensive application mapping, network scanning as well as a full vulnerability analysis. This stage effectively identifies virtually all potentials running behind open network ports and their degree of potential danger.

Penetrate & Exploit

This is the stage where STD will attempt to penetrate and exploit the results of the previous stage. Depending on the configuration and quantity of the device(s) being scanned, the security and penetration audit can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.'s database of vulnerabilities is constantly being updated, so it is important to have the scheduler properly configured so that your devices are scanned on a regular basis!


In the final phase, the system will report back to you all the results found, including all of the potential threats and a definitive list reporting all of the testing results, all intrusions, all exploits compromised during intrusion testing and then sends you prevention recommendations with how to rectify the most common vulnerabilities found.

It's that easy to have a scan done. Penetration testing & security auditing is an essential service, a service that may be required by law to remain in compliance with privacy regulations. Why not try it now with our 7 Day Free Trial. Click the button below and you'll be able to run these scans on your own devices for free for 7 days.

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