Why Use LionCageDefender.com?

Though security scanning has been around for years for "super techies", the concept of simple to use automated penetration and auditing scanners (making sure your data, files and documents are safe from Hackers) is a relatively new concept. LionCageDefender.com stands as a leader in the emerging industry of data protection. Our company and systems were created by IT professionals that understand what users want and that they need their data accessible via the web and even a smart phone, without having to worry about it being safe. We also understand that not everyone is a "techie" so we designed the system to provide a detailed analysis in simple English that anyone can understand. Our EZReports will advise you of vulnerabilities "holes" found in your devices security and advise you on how to fix most issues. Click here to protect your devices now!

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What is LionCageDefender security testing?

The LionCageDefender.com platform is completely secure and does not retain any actual data it may "see" while scanning your devices for holes in security. LionCageDefender.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Online Services of NY Inc. and is fully insured. In addition to our scanning and reporting, we have a number of utilities to help you secure your equipment like computers, smart phones, websites, servers and clouds, as well as tools to notify you if any of your equipment ever goes offline or has connectivity issues. We even offer a Geo-location app to help you recover stolen electronics.

Our custom built and proprietary system offers quick, automated, security scans and provides you with easy to use essential services at affordable prices. There are absolutely no surcharges or catches. We are certain you will love our products and because your data is safe. Night time starts to become a relaxing time when you begin receiving our security reports letting you know that "your eyes in the sky" are keeping watch on your devices and vital data. Now you can rest easier at night knowing your cloud, websites, computers and other devices are being scanned so you can be alerted of potential security holes before a Hacker finds them!!. LionCageDefender is an easy to use, essential service for home users and businesses alike! Secure your digital life today.

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What does LionCageDefender.com look for?

The LionCageDefender.com vulnerability scanner checks your selected devices for OWASP recommendations (www.owasp.org*) as well as other application security risks & security holes. We are constantly updating our database engine so the vulnerability scanner is always up-to-date so that it can notify you against the latest threats from Hackers.

What sets LionCageDefender apart from the competition?

While there is a lot of great competition out there, we do not believe anybody offers the full package (websites, cloud, servers, PC, Mobile), nor do they offer the comparable packages at similar price points. In regard to actual functionality of the penetration scanning tools, our product leaves the competition in the dark when it comes to exploitation. Our tools not only scan devices and report back to you on the vulnerabilities it finds, but once the vulnerability is found it attempts to exploit that vulnerability just like a real life cyber-attack would. After replicating an attack, without looking at or saving any of your data, it reports back to you what it found and how to fix it in plain English. Another important feature is not in the product itself but with our company.

Why trust LionCageDefender?

OnlineServicesOfNY.com and its companies OnlineBackupVault.com, OnlineBackupSP.com, MyBackupOnTheCloud.com are American owned and operated companies. Securing your data to unknown developers and servers in a third world country, like numerous other competitors of ours do, is risky. Not only is it unsafe, but do you want people in third world countries (with different legal standards for compliance and security) having potential access to your most important information, payroll, credit card numbers, photos and documents? No!

Not only is it scary, but their overseas servers and support may complicate or void Hipaa/Sox compliance rather an assisting you in becoming compliant! OnlineServicesofNY.com and its associated companies including LionCageDefender.com have a core purpose which is to provide automated easy to use security & backup tools direct to end users and consultants alike. We understand the risks and fears of the cloud, the web and the digital age. We are here to assist and help you work with you in securing your digital life. These are only some of the reasons why you may want to consider LionCageDefender for your data security needs or change over to us from your current provider.

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