Reseller is looking for qualified partners to resell and distribute our award winning essential security products. Our partners include Computer/Security Consultants, Software Developers/ISP and Affiliate Programs. All of our security products are available via our partner channels. Please select the type of partner that best suites you. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure where your company fits or if you have custom needs.

Reseller ManSecurity & IT Consultants, ISP & Software Developers

Our Security and IT partners are an essential part of our reseller channel. They extend the value of our security solutions while at the same time gaining a strategic advantage in their own businesses. Working in partnership with IT pros allows us to provide our unique essential products to the marketplace while utilizing and expanding our features, services and product line per their requests. Adding products to your product line will increase your brand offerings and product diversity while offering a service your clients require and providing you with an additional source of automated reoccurring revenue.

Reseller Plans

Plan Name Ideal For Reseller Who Amount of IP"s/ Devices Cost
Affiliates Affiliates/Small IT Firms Purchase licenses as required For more info and to sign up for Our Affiliate Program please visit\Affiliates
Silver Partner Small IT Firms who want to invoice their clients directly. Purchase license as required 25% below retail pricing Partner invoices client direct.

We are seeking VARS in the EU, Middle East & Far East – Please contact us at

Our reseller program allows you to either recommend or resell the best online secure penetration testing service available online while earning residual income.

Our reseller program is divided into 2 categories Partners and Affiliates:

Affiliate Program

Affiliates also known as affiliate marketers are people who “push” traffic to a site and receive either a one time or residual payment for clients that signup with the service they recommended. Affiliate marketers often create landing pages and to promote the sites that they are affiliated with. affiliate program offers extremely high residual commissions. Our affiliate program is exclusively on the network. Our affiliate program signup is quick and easy and is ideal for professional affiliate marketers as well as IT consultants looking to offer an award winning security application to their clients, family and friends. For more information on our affiliate program please visit our Affiliate Page by clicking here.

Partner Program

Our Partner Program is designed for IT Consultants, ISP's, VAR's, Telco's or anyone looking to resell our service. Our reseller program is divided into different tiers varying on how many licenses are purchased alternatively licenses can be purchased individually at 25% below retail web page pricing. Our partner program is extremely popular with service providers who either resell or bundle in monthly services to their clients.

Please feel free to contact us at 1877-458-8258 or internationally at 1-347-741-8600 for more information.