Server Downtime Stinks.. The only thing worse than unscheduled downtime is NOT knowing you are down!

manfrustratedThere is no other way to put it, whether you are a small business running a SBS server or a fortune 500 company running hundreds of servers – downtime stinks! The only thing worse than downtime is not knowing you are down! Remote employees trying to login to work, potential customers trying to login to your website to purchase your products only to be notified that your site or server is offline. Offline servers equal lost revenue. is THE all in one solution in external computer security and offline notification. And best yet, our offline notification system is 100% free with our Server, Website & Cloud packages. For only $4.99 per additional license you can monitor additional devices and eliminate lost revenue by catching devices as soon as they go offline. Downtime can hurt your sales, SEO, client and patient confidence as well as create SLA agreement headaches. When your internet connected device goes offline our system can email or SMS specified recipient to notify them of downtime.

Whether you are running a server, a website, computer based VoIP server or running off of a cloud server we have easy to implement, custom built solutions to keep you up to date on the status your internet connected devices health. Downtime stinks which is why we made it extremely easy to configure your offline notification settings and offer you multiple ways of connecting with our monitoring servers.

To configure system offline alerts you may:

  1. Install our easy to use client software from our download center which adds in a host of features including vulnerability scanning, IP geotracking, web & application monitoring, server offline notification and more!
  2. Install our API in your cloud, website and/or application. We can work with you to customize API's to address your unique needs. We can even create API's to work with your mobile devices or custom hardware devices!
  3. Simple external ping, no software or API required – completely configured from our web control panel

Don't let server or website downtime kill your business, stay on top of the game and find out within minutes via EMAIL or SMS when your device(s) go offline. In addition to our automated server offline notification, logs your system downtime to assist you with compliance and SLA agreements. Our full featured proactive solution is completely configurable from your user control panel. Our system even can even be programmed to notify you if a "service" stops responding, allowing you to potentially catch issues before they become drastic. In addition, system alerts can be customized so that different servers notify you at different intervals or based on different preceding events, you can even schedule maintenance hours and during this period the system will not notify you that your sever is going offline..

With the addition of both our system health and offline monitoring service to our already easy to use, award winning penetration testing tool platform, has become the leader in full package external computer and website security testing solutions. Our SAAS based monitoring solutions provide unified, simple, smart, easy to configure and monitor as well as fast insight into your devices health,availability, and response time and uptime of your traditional servers, cloud servers, websites, web applications, database servers, web servers, VoIP devices and more. Our system is feature rich for the IT Admin, while at the same time simple enough for the typical home user. brings services to the residential and small business market that used to only be affordable by the "big guys". Our suite of automated security tools including vulnerability scanning and offline notification system will report back to you on the health of your devices including reports on your Hard Drives, CPU, Ram, Network cards, Anti Virus, Windows Update and more! is your proactive security solution. To learn more about our different security solutions that include our offline notification please click here to compare.